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The Trangia Cooking set was one of our best purchases!

Are you also looking for a new cooking set for your next camping trip?

Many highlights of our day were experienced in the company of this Trangia set.

On this page you will find an extensive review about the Trangia Stove 27-6 Ultralight Cooking Set. An all-rounder in its price category that amazed us immediately.

We love it and it's probably on of our best purchases!

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When you spend a long day in the saddle a good meal is the way to go, it's our favourite moment of the day! You burn an incredible amount of calories on the bike, so healthy and sufficient nutrition is a must. We think it is very important to have a cooking set that doesn't weigh too much and uses liquids that are easily available all over the world. We were fed up with carrying around heavy plates and maintaining our previous set, so an all-in-one set was what we were looking for.


We were guided by the people of Bushcraftshop, a dutch online outdoor shop. They quickly proposed the Trangia Stove 27-6 Ultralight Set, a brand unknown to us and an unknown way of cooking.


Not only low weight, but also compactness in a cooking set is the way to go. It is so extremely practical to take one Ortlieb bag from the bike and start cooking.

Most people use gas burners or benzine driven cooking sets, but did you know there is also the option to choose with a spirit burner? These are more environmentally friendly, lighter and alcohol/ethanol can be found all over the world.

Specs Trangia Stove 27-6 Ultralight Set

The cooking set consists of sufficient pans and pots that fit together seamlessly, which ensures that the system is very compact. We expanded our set with an extra 2.5 liter Billy Can because we sometimes cook for multiple days in advance.

The system itself works on methylated spirits or alcohol, which we find extremely useful for cooking. The biggest advantage of this is that there is zero maintenance, and you can simply store the unused liquid in the burner for a next time. For a cycling trip, we recommend that you also purchase an extra Trangia Fuel Bottle, in which you can safely store the liquid.

Only positive?

The basic set of the Trangia Stove is more than sufficient for shorter holidays, but for a longer (cycling) holiday, in our opinion, you need to buy a few extra things. You also need to be patient, because it takes about eight to ten minutes to boil 1 liter of water. We enjoy this slow-cooking principle, but it's not for everyone.

The biggest disadvantage is probably that methylated spirits burn more difficult when it's really cold. For this reason we also bought an extra Fire Ticker for € 25 in order to cook with gas in colder conditions. In our view, this is also a necessity for a longer trip.

Our evening setup - We love cooking time!


We would not quickly recommend cooking with a gas burner for a longer cycling trip, especially if you would cycle outside of Western countries. Gas is a little harder to come by once you start traveling off the beaten track and the last thing you want is having worries about this on the road. 

Our first idea was to cook with unleaded fuel, which is by far the most commonly used method. We hesitated to opt for the MSR Whisperlite and that remains the one we would recommend if you want to cook on petrol. The price tag around € 100 to 140 (depending on which one) is fair, but you'd still need to add your pots and pans. For us however, it was the fact that a fuel burner requires a lot more maintenance that lead us to the Trangia Spiritus system.


With a price tag off € 100, all included, the Trangia cooking set is a beast. It is more durable, cheap, uses liquids that are easy to obtain and it's also very compact. If you are not a patient person by nature, we would not recommend it for you. But let's be honest, if you like to travel adventurously and like camping, then you probably have all the time and patience to work with this system. Recommended! YOU CAN BUY THE TRANGIA SET HERE!

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