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Cycling in The Netherlands

The Netherlands, our neighbouring country, has a lot to offer for a short or longer cycling vacation. The Netherlands are one of thé biggest cycling countries in the world, the facilities are therefore great! Read this blog and find out all you need to know about planning a cycling vacation in the Netherlands!

Uitdagend fietsen in Serra D'Irta
Our first bike ride was in Dutch Limburg

Roads to Movement in The Netherlands

In 2020 and 2021 we cycled in the Netherlands. The country is bigger as you'd think and we have only seen a small part of it by bike. On this map you can find all the campsites where we had slept, as well as two 'Vrienden op de fiets' addresses that we can highly recommend.

Long distance cycling routes in the Netherlands

If you'd like to plan a multi-day cycling trip in the Netherlands, you can certainly find inspiration through the links below:

  • Iconroutes: the most beautiful signposted bicycle routes can be found here.

  • You can find all kinds of different bikeroutes here.

  • Fancy a different challenge on your bike but don't feel like lugging your tent around? Via Bikepacking Holland you can bikepack and sleep in a hostel at night.

Sleeping in The Netherlands

The Netherlands offer plenty of opportunities to find a sleeping place everywhere you go. There are plenty numbers of campsites and the quality is good. There are plenty of hotels and hostels in and around cities, but just like in Belgium we feel these prices are quite expensive for what you get in return. Nice options for finding a place to sleep can be found here:

  • Campspace offers unique places to pitch your tent in the garden of private homes. You pay a fee per night, the cost depends on the place and what facilities there are.

  • Vrienden op de fiets is a Dutch platform where you pay an annual €10 membership fee (€8 if you are from the Netherlands) and, once connected, you can book a bed, shower and breakfast with private individuals for €22.50 per person per night. You have to book by phone and you don't get to see pictures of the sleeping place. That makes it extra exciting!

  • Wild camping is not allowed in the Netherlands but there are options for pole camping. Do leave everything behind neatly, so these places can continue to exist.

  • Via this link we found some cool campsites near a farm, usually with the most beautiful views and plenty of private space.

Wildkamperen is verboden in Spanje - Maar als je rondvraagt bij de locals kan je toch nog op unieke plekken slapen
Camping Hoeve Krekelberg in the Netherlands

Budget in The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, you pay with the EURO.

€1 = 1.10 USD

Average daily budget in the Netherlands that we spent for two people together:

  • Food and drinks: €25 (this was our budget during shorter vacations, so we went out to eat a little more often)

  • Accommodation: €25 (campsites and Vrienden op de Fiets) / we never slept in a hotel during a cycling trip in the Netherlands, but on average you have to count €75 to €100 for a double room.

Road conditions

The network of bicycle paths is good to very good and cycling paths are often seperated from the big roads. Arriving in cities is very easy by bike, drivers are courteous to cyclists. The signposting is excellent, both for paved and unpaved roads.

Food and drinks in The Netherlands

Prices are similar to Belgium. In the summer you can often buy fruit from farmers or just from people's homes. It is always easy to get supplies during a cycling trip.

Climate in the Netherlands

Spring and summer are ideal for a cycling trip in the Netherlands. The Dutch do like to go out on their own and it's sometimes busy during vacation periods. Keep in mind that it can be very windy on the coast of Holland.

Cycling across the water is something you often do in the Netherlands.

Cycling vacations in the Netherlands: Our tips and facts!

  • In the Netherlands there is a lot of water, you can cross rivers and canals with a boat (keep a penny on hand each time to pay the skipper) or with a pound that you push on your own.

  • In the Netherlands you have to try 'Stroopwafels', they are delicious!

  • We think the Veluwe is a beautiful natural park in the Netherlands and offers one of the best bikepacking routes out there with the Green Divide.

  • Need more inspiration for a cycling vacation in the Netherlands? Be sure to read our blog about our bikepacking trip in the Netherlands.

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