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You certainly can't go wrong with a Hilleberg tent!

Are you also looking for a robust tent for your world trip by bike?

The tent will be your home along the way, camping becomes a second nature. 

It's necessary to have a trustworthy tent to comfort you during those cold nights!

On this page you can read our extensive opinion about the Hilleberg Nallo 3GT tunnel tent. We are also happy to provide you with some nice alternatives.


Search for the tent

Where our bicycles are practically our only means of transport, we consider the tent as our home. We quickly decided to lay the foundations for these two things, this quickly led us to Hilleberg.

This Swedish family business is known as the crème de la crème of tents. It was a purchase that was more expensive than we initially had in mind, so we saved some extra money when buying other things. The search for the tent went very smoothly, it was one of the first things we bought for the cycling trip and from the start it gave us many moments of joy!

Tunnel tent vs freestanding

Brands such as Hilleberg, MSR, The North Face, Nemo, etc. all make excellent tents that can be used for a world trip. More important than choosing a brand is the choice between a tunnel tent or a freestanding (or stand-alone) tent.

To explain this as briefly as possible, choose a tunnel tent if space is the most important feature for you in a tent. Opt for a freestanding tent if you want to be able to place a tent anywhere (even without a flysheet). It's a bit more complicated than this explanation, so feel free to contact us if you have additional questions about this. We only briefly mention it, because to be honest we hadn't thought about this very carefully when purchasing our Hilleberg Nallo 3GT.

Hilleberg Nallo 3GT

The Hilleberg Nallo 3 GT is a red label three-season tunnel tent. The specifications of all parts can be found via this link . The most important thing to say in first instance is that the tent is made of indestructible quality. Not only our Nallo, but all Hilleberg tents are known for being manufactured with the highest of standards.

What do we like best about our camping tent?

+ Three-person tent with GT department. We opted for a tent for three people, because this 200 grams extra in weight means a lot more comfort inside the tent. The extra GT-department is highly recommended for a cycling trip, it gives more than enough space to store all of your belongings inside and at the same time you are still able to cook inside if necessary.

+ The weight. There are lighter tents on the market, but at 3 340 grams (including groundsheet) this is an extremely light tent for this size.

+ Ease of set-up/breakdown. After practicing twice, we managed to set up and take down the tent all by ourselves (one person). You can also detach the inner tent, so that you can keep it dry if you have to take the tent down when it rains.

+ Compactness. The tent takes up very little space once packed.

+ Versatility. You can ventilate the Hilleberg Nallo 3 GT in all kinds of ways. Except for extreme heat and humidity, you can use this tent in 90% of the conditions.

+ Robustness. The tent is extremely strong and the smallest details are just right.

+ Appearance. We think it is a very nice tent that is available in three colors (red, green, sand). We chose the sand colored one.

Only positive?

The perfect tent that serves all circumstances does not excist. Just like with buying touring bikes, when buying a tent it is important to set your own priorities. The review of the Hilleberg Nallo 3 GT would not be fair, if we ignored some negative things.

- The price. Not a real disadvantage, because with proper maintenance the tent will serve the rest of your life. A price of € 1120 ensures that you must have a good budget to purchase this tent. We bought ours at the annual tent sale at Avventura in Ghent with a 15% discount.

- The climate. If you mainly travel in warmer, humid conditions, there are definitely better tents on the market.

- The zippers. If we have to make a comment in terms of material, it is about the zippers. They work quite well, but sometimes they falter and this is a problem you often read in other travelers' reviews.

- Not a stand-alone tent. By far the biggest drawback in our opinion. You cannot set up the inner tent separately, which is a pity in warm conditions. You also always have to put the pegs in the ground, so the tent does not stand on its own. In the dry environments in Spain, we had to think a bit creatively to set up the tent.

- The size. The dimensions are extremely practical in terms of living space, but a bit more difficult to find a place easily. It may be that a small garden offers too little space to set up this model.



If you were looking for a tunnel tent in the same price category, the Fjällräven Keb Endurance might be a nice alternative. A good freestanding tent from Hilleberg is the Allak 3 .

When we look at nice freestanding tents, we mainly end up with tents from MSR and Nemo. Entirely depending on your budget and the type of trip you are going to make, there are quite a few nice options from €300 to €1000. Contact us if you need help choosing a good tent!


The Hilleberg Nallo 3 GT is a great tent. We have never had a tent that gives us so much joy. It is easy to set up and store, reliable in quality and we could go on and on. You simply cannot make a wrong purchase when you buy a Hilleberg, this tent will undoubtedly provide us with many years of pleasure.

Would we buy this tent again? Honestly, no. It may seem strange after our lyrical words, but in our own experience we would recommend buying a freestanding tent. The advantage of the larger space in our tent does not outweigh the advantage of the stand-alone principle. We can count on one hand the number of times we had to hide in our tent for entire evenings and really needed the space. Our quests for a good spot on dry lands were far more discomfortable in our opinion.

We will certainly continue with our beautiful Hilleberg Nallo 3 GT for a little while more, but if we'd have to choose again we would go for a Nemo Dragonfly or MSR Hubba Hubba. Always choose for a 3 person tent if you are travelling as a couple. 

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