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A simple "hello" or "good luck" makes us happy!

Do you enjoy following our travel adventures ? Are you getting inspiration from our stories and photos? Cool, that's the reason why we are constantly updating our blog and website!

Are you in for supporting us along the way but not keen in contributing financially?

No problem, we totally understand! Everyone can support us in their own way.  

One of the nicest ways is to simply say hello and tell us why you enjoy following our world tour by bike. You can do this via the contact form at the bottom of this page, a simple 'Like' on Facebook or by sending us a message via Instagram .  

"Thanks for supporting us in our adventures!"

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Do you want to start a partnership with us? Do you have or do you know someone who can provide a warm bed? Do you have a large garden with space for our tent? Or do you just want to say hello and tell us which travel adventure of Roads to Movement you like the most? This is all possible via the contact form below!

Thanks for your message! We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Lots of love, Stefanie & Niels

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