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How to select travel and camping gear for your world trip by bike?

The preparation of a world tour by bike can be somewhat overwhelming. ​

Choosing the bike that fits you, selecting sleeping gear that will comfort you during those cold nights, the search for a camping cooking stove...

You can scroll through our "GEAR" pages to find detailed reviews about our cycling and camping gear. You will also be able to download a complete packing list for free!

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Reviews Travel Gear

In our free Travel Guide, which you can download for free here, you will find an ultimate guidebook to help you prepare for your world trip by bike. There is also a detailed packing list which can assist you in selecting the correct travel and camping gear for your ultimate adventure by bicycle. 


It's one thing to share a packing list with you, it's another thing to share our own findings about the travel gear. You can choose which review you would like to check out via the links below, or at the top of the 'GEAR' menu. It is impossible to write something about each item, which is why we choose to start with reviews about the most important things:

. Ultimate Travel Guide for a World Trip by Bike + Packing List

. Bike review - Surly Bridge Club

. Review tent - Hilleberg Nallo 3GT

. Review sleeping pads and sleeping bags

. Review cooking set - Trangia Ultralight 27-6

If you would have any additional questions about selecting your travel gear, feel free to contact us through Instagram or via our Contact Page

Free packing list and checklist to prepare for your cycling adventure
You can download it here

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