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Who are we and why are we embarking on a world trip by bike?

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Who are we?

Stefanie grew up in a little town in the Eastern part of Belgium, but decided to move to the vibrant city of Ghent while getting a degree as a social worker. In the past year Stefanie worked in a vegan restaurant in Ghent. Stefanie is the neat and organised of the two of us and has a work ethic like no one else. Combined with some fun and spicy temperament, she is the ideal travel companion and this also comes in handy when setting up our daily tent and mapping out the cycling routes. 

Niels grew up in a very small village in the Northern part of Belgium, but decided to move to the city of Ghent in 2015 for his dream job at Kilroy. He immediately loved the job and the city, even more so when he met Stefanie. Niels loves meeting people and is able to spend a night at the bar with some randomly met stranger. Nobody can put things into perspective like him, a quality that helps us both to stay calm in the most stressful of situations.

Traveling by bike?

We opt for a sustainable way of traveling by bicycle. It's adventurous, challenging and you get to places where others never go. In addition, you spend most of your days in nature, which in combination with the daily portion of exercise is super beneficial for your health. We love the pace by bike!

A bicycle trip is not only healthy, but also good for your wallet. Once you have made the costs for materials, you can really travel on a small budget. You can download our ultimate travel guide on 'how to prepare for a world trip by bike' for free. All kinds of tips regarding a budget for a cycling trip and saving tips can be found there. 

Roads to movement?

First of all, we want to get people out there, just move! Reflect on the way we travel and see if it can be done differently In 2020 we cycled from Belgium to Spain, an unforgettable experience. Along the way, we received countless questions from others who also wanted to take a leap of faith and start travelling by bike.

Traveling more consciously is important, in whatever method suits you the best. For example, we don't strive for perfection and we are kind to others and ourselves. What works for us might not work for you and that's totally fine as well. There are different roads to movement and everyone can explore the countless options in their own way.

Through our practical Roads to Movement website and blog, we hope to encourage you to get moving yourself.

Are you moving with us?

Lots of love, Stefanie & Niels

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Start your trip around the world
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